Lego Starcraft: Brick Rush

I think I have had StarCraft on my mind 24/7 for the past week or so and I’m not even getting enough time to play all that I want. I’m seriously not getting enough but this stop motion photography depicting Lego StarCraft is fantastic. Terrans vs. The Protoss, its pretty much just like the game, except for less fire power. Just seeing this video makes me think about taking a week off and turning into a StarCraft Hermit. I love well executed stop motion photography because I know it takes a lot of time and skill to make it flow smoothly and realistically.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!

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  1. XsuiL

    ya i get u.. starcraft is crazy i was addicted to the first starcraft and now im addicted to this. i got it like 3 days ago and i alrdy finished the campain and still cant stop playing lol.

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