The Good Wife

Its one of those shows that just falls under the radar, Alicia Floric is a lawyer working for a Chicago law firm, she got her degree long ago but became a wife & mother. Husband to the States Attorney who falls prey to a scandal and ends up behind bars, she has to find her way as a new lawyer taking care of her family and keeping away from the press. Not your usual lawyer show, but something a little different with thrilling action and political spice. I like how the show develops and it only gets better episode to episode, its one those shows that you don’t mind spending a whole day watching, and I enjoyed it. Now for season 2 to start this fall.

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A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. instantcravings

    love the show and love archie panjabi even more!

  2. kosovo-boy

    i love this show its great :d

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