Google Wave – Gone


I don’t think anyone has been using it except for the first month or two that it was out, I tried using it and seeing if it could be useful but damn it was annoying. You didn’t know which panel you were on and who was talking to who, jumping into big conversations or collaborations was confusing. Google tried to make something that people can use as a tool but it didn’t have the right type of integration to enjoy using it. Then they brought Buzz which I think is fantastic because its simple integration but they got it a bit wrong by forcing people to use it right away with all settings set to open, so that took some time to fix. Google had a few hits and misses but its great they keep trying to make these interesting products, but its good that Google is dropping Wave.

Link: Gizmodo

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  1. I was so excited when I got an invite (asked for it via Twitter) but equally disappointed when I tried it out…

    I agree that they can’t win every time… and am pleased they continue to innovate. I love most of their products.

  2. it was useless!

    good riddance

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