Concrete House in Madrid

It takes a unique type of architect to meld concrete and green together to look as good as this amazing house. They have taken to meld the two themes together with greenery all over the place, but still looks like some sort of ultra modern bunker. With the right type of lighting you can do wonders and they have with this concrete structure. And what I love about the house is that it does have an underground garage, I see that as a must in any home, so you can protect your vehicles from the harshness of the outdoors.

This is built over 1600 square meter piece of land which is a substantial amount of area to work with. It honestly looks more like a gallery then a home, it looks as if it is meant to cater to large amounts of people to view art work. I do love the cinema they have, great size screen with comfortable seating, and the library is very fun. I just hope they have elevators as the stairs seem a bit steep and not child friendly. The one major thing this house is missing is color, I like the ultra modern design but something needs to warm it up a bit. You need some color to bring in the warmth of a house, I’m a firm believer that the internal of the house can relate to the exterior of the house but shouldn’t be limited to it, this house feels too cold and grey on the inside. I still find it amazing.

Link: FresHome

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  1. There’s a surprising number of passive cooling (or in their case, heating) techniques. The earth berming, roof garden, having most of it built halfway underground, thick concrete walls (for heat lag), so much good stuff.

    Too bad it looks like a bunker…

  2. Amazing house, i really like this kind of architecture by which the architect create a craftsmen work from 2D and 2D drawings

  3. wow! nice…although I liked the house view at night more and like Barrak said too bad it looks like a bunker:)

  4. Mansour

    Absolute art

  5. Nolan Gaudreau

    I love that staircase. Sick house.

  6. Ali

    it looks like a house that Batman would live in :)

  7. Oh do u know what u just did to me i wish i have a house like that :'( i always see houses like these in picture but never in reality

  8. Nice design and clever ideas… but I’m not sure I like the overall look.

  9. AMAZING design! Yet too concrete’ish for me :p I wouldn’t want this overdose of concrete but the design is amazing, mixing other materials in & out would make it perfect

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