Review: Philips Bodygroom Pro

My original Philips Bodygroom was fantastic, but somehow its broke and I’m still not sure how that happened. Then I saw Mark’s post about a newer version released, so I decided to purchase it from Amazon since it wasn’t available here at the time. I got it within a week, it looks cleaner and sleeker then before, and I really like the new update. On another note this is always a sensitive subject when discussing the nether regions but I don’t think so when you want to be clean, and this does it smoothly and safely.

Overall it is even better then before and I thought that first one was great, this is even better. So you have two sides, one is the normal Bodygroom type head and the other is the small trimmer. Two buttons to activate one or the other, you can have both on at the same time but I wouldn’t see why you would do that. Mine came with the American plug but works with 100-240 Volts so I just used an adapter for it. The adapter is simple and can be stowed, and it easily charges the unit in a very clean way. I can say that it is a fantastic product, and my recommendation is to use it with water and the shower gel for the safest and most successful trim of your special areas. At the time of this review I saw that it is available at XCite in Al Rai but I’m not sure how much.

Price: $70

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  1. e7mood

    bought mine a while bag and am loving it

  2. Bob

    Hey.. does anyone know how much it costs at Xcite?


  3. K.theKuwaiti

    I think its for ~35KD at X-Cite.

  4. This post came right on time i’m planing to buy one. is it available now in Kuwait if yes where? or should i perches it from amazon like u?

  5. Been using mine for a month and love it.

  6. I like Philips products but you need to know what is the machine for before you buy it.

  7. Hsan

    Hi please delete my first comment as I did it by mistake. Thanks

  8. Hii.. So yeah..
    There is this guy at work who has a lot of hair in his armpits.. he’s smell and always sweating and i am uncomfortable. I want to tell him about that but he is extremly sensitive.. I thought I would let one of the boys at work to do it but everyone refused.. Help!

  9. Hated the old one! Used it a few times and then ended up tossing it. Hope this one works better.

  10. KY

    I just notice that the handset was put in a wrong way on the cradle. :-)

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