Mazinkaiser in 2010

At last, it has been long in development, a new Mazainkaiser, I love that a the Japanese know how to bring back an old show. For those who don’t know who Mazainkasier is, he is the bigger and badder version of Mazinger Z. This is the second teaser I have seen and if the show is as a good as the teaser its going to be damn good. Can’t wait until the show airs in November.

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  1. My God this looks beyond epic. But I won’t be watching it until the whole thing is done, since I wouldn’t able to wait for episodes each week. I recommend watching One Piece if you hadn’t watched it yet.

  2. OMG!! This looks definitely too awesome to believe.. but as “Grave Of Love” said.. I’d rather wait for at least half of it.. I hate waiting & I reached Ep. 327 of One Piece :P


  3. Farooq

    Damn…This looks like one helluva action..I am sure it will surpass mazinger z.

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