Some Detailing Needed

I have had a very busy time over the past couple of weeks and I haven’t had a chance to move my beemer in a while, so I decided to go for a little drive and get the blue devil cleaned up. Being busy with work and spending the weekends by the water I haven’t had much time to move the car, and you should always take a day out of a week or two to drive your car, its not healthy to keep it parked. So after a short drive I decided that my boy needed to cleaned and prepped, so I drove over to Al Falah Car Wash.

It had some dirt spots and some dust since I kept it under a cover for a while. When I first started the engine it sound like music to my ears, and now I remember why I always get a ticket when driving this machine. I always have the urge to drive faster, it pulls you, you push harder, your blood is pumping and it feels damn good. So I thought it would be best to get off the street soon. They started washing the car, soap as usual, then really getting the grime out of the wheels and getting rid of that annoying brake dust.

I enjoy when they dry of the car using high pressure air to get the water out of those annoying spots that spray water as soon as you drive leaving dry water trails. They got the tire and wheel shine after drying the wheels and tires, one guy working the interior with a brush for the A/C and cleaning it out thoroughly. I never get tired of that brand new car look, I love taking care of my car. Al Falah is my favorite one and only spot to bring out that blue shine.

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  1. Nothing like a fresh wash to soothe the soul. My car has sadly been parked for a month almost, collecting dust. The government are conducting major infrastructure work around the house so I don’t enjoy the thought of driving it in those conditions. But you’re right, it’s not good to leave it parked; these puppies were meant to be driven!

  2. 123

    My Baby is arriving in a 8 days! Been Waiting for it for the past 9 months…!

  3. 5alid

    plz tell me what your bmw model is cuz im in love with it <3

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