SMS & BBMs – Some Decency


This has been a topic on my mind for some time now, it has been the same with emails and everything else. I don’t forward texts, BBMs, or Emails, I know most of the time it annoys people and sometimes they messages contain malicious code which can damage your PC or phone. With the use of BBM people are broadcasting a lot of events and other things happening which is great there is a limit to it. I think people should exercise some common decency when forwarding certain messages out.

The case being with deceased relatives, what I have seen recently is no common decency in the matter. When people broadcast bbms or send out mass text messages about someone who has recently been deceased within hours or even the same day. A lot of the times the immediate relatives from cousins to brothers and sisters and even parents don’t know about it and get shocked from these messages and its devastating. Sometimes its hard giving someone the bad news that their son or daughter or mother or father has passed away, there is never a way to handle it. But getting it via mass message isn’t the way, and people should refrain from forwarding that type of message. This has gotten on my nerves quite a few times but recently it was a disaster, when a family member is abroad and they find out from their daughter’s friend’s mass bbm that smoeone close passed away, its shocking to say the least.

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  1. hh

    its not shocking its the 21st century, we heard about the invasion from the news and not from a phone call that’s a 10 on the shock meter and that was 20 years ago , sms+bbm is going to evolve so we might as well embrace it , i actually think delivering msg’s through sms or bbm no matter how terrible it is is better than in person,for bad news about family members, it has to be personal, for everything else getting news by mobile should be fine and its going to be the ultimate norm in the future

  2. Bader

    Technology should not be used in such matters. I personally to this day do not send out SMSs for holidays. I prefer to call everyone for a few minutes and say happy holidays. I can never imagine informing someone via sms that their relative died. Send information about the burial and the funeral is ok but only to people that have been informed verbally.

    BBM /SMS/Email are a form of communications but it is not the only means to communicate with people. Some people spend more time on facebook then they do with real people.

  3. a typical kuwaiti doesn’t know what’s his priorities and that what causes our community to go backword

    i don’t have BB and will never follow any thing being held by a “typical” kuwaiti hand

    thanks for posting this subject
    decency, heh, ppl sending BBMs just for the sake of sending and not caring about what they are broadcasting. like the type of msgs that have wrong imformation about a product or an incedent happened in a food chain, no body have the right to publish it bcoz he/she is not sure about it effecting that product, effecting ppl’s business!! 7aram

    thanks again
    dencency u said,, lol

  4. bigbay

    backword you said…. lol

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