Tire Change @ Hunter

Friday I had a little vibration as I was speeding above 80 kph in the Landcruiser, usually the car is pretty smooth so I wasn’t sure what was going on. Friday night I didn’t enough time to check out the balance and alignment. I’m 100% sure that the alignment is off since I have been a little rough with the car, and any bump or hole is fair game when I’m driving in the Landcruiser.

So I decided to pass by Hunter to check my alignment and wheel balance, since they are the best at it in the market. They took off the tires on the right side and my front tire had this little bump coming out of the side, seems like I hit something a little too hard. He saw my front tires and said I drive aggressively since my front tires had very little tread left and my rear tires still had some life. After about 38’800 Kms I decided to change all four tires, but I thought I would do it at a later stage but to my surprise he had the tires that I love. Recently Michelin/BF Goodrich have brought in the BF Goodrich All-Terrains which are the best all rounds tires I have ever used, thats what I used while in the states. And they have just started bring them in, in different sizes to Kuwait not just for the H2.

My Yokohama Geolanders lasted a very long time, they are good tires overall, more street oriented and for overall use. But they weren’t too goo on wet surfaces or for use in the desert or dirt roads. Now the BF Goodrich All-Terrains are fantastic in the rain, have an aggressive looking tread but is very quiet, its great in the dirt, and fantastic traction. My original tires were 265/65/R17 but I went for the larger BF Goodrich 275/70/R16 which a bit wider and taller, and it fit snugly in the Landcruiser’s wheel well. With the difference in size there isn’t too much of an effect except that when reading the speedometer your probably going a little slower then what is stated, but other then that the car is perfect. I drove about 120 Kms today without it rubbing in any situations and I was a bit aggressive with them today, and I was happy with the extra traction, and I especially love the aggressive look in comparison to the older tires. After the tires were installed I no longer had the vibration issue and all is well, but I still need to an alignment which I will do later. Got each tire for 60 KD for a total of 240 KD, and an alignment with the Hunter computer will cost an extra 20 KD which I will do at a later stage. I love these new tires.

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  1. Mansour

    Good choice, Michelin/BF Goodrich are the best tires. I always go to AlShaya & AlSaqer in CanadaDry st. They have their own Hunter equipment and most importantly the 2 technicians operating it are professionals and decent.

  2. Mohammed

    They are really good tires and I have the same tires 275/70/18 BF Goodrich on my landcruiser, I got them about 5 months back from canada dry street.

  3. M3T4L

    I am no expert …

    You said you went for the ‘bigger’ tires, and then stated that you might be driving a bit ‘slower’ than what the speedometer reads. In my understanding that the speedometer reads your speed in rpm of the wheel axis, and with a larger radius on the wheels, each turn will mean a longer linear distance, i.e. more linear distance per turn. So I am thinking it should be the speedometer who is reading your speed a little less, no the other way around. Or am I missing something here ?

    And btw, fabulous new looks.

  4. Waleed

    Nice tires!
    Where exactly the location of Hunter center?

  5. vipervenomtt

    I recommend you guys to check out autoone at canada dry , ask for the philipino guy john . he does an excellant job .

  6. love their work :> Better than the dealer BY FAR “come to think of it, there is no dealer in q8 good with tires!”, last change I did in Bridgestone they were good but then I had some problems “due to a mini defasha act with the white dots thingies :p” , hunter was THE place to fix things up :} really amazing work. My up coming tire change will be with hunter for sure.

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