Western Digital Velociraptor 600 GB Sata III

At long last I have the beast within my grasp! The Velociraptor 600 GB Sata III, I have heard the rumors of its capabilities but its different when its in your hands. When you want a fast hard drive and its not an SSD then your option is the Velociraptor line from WD. I remember their 150 GB and 300 GB drives but this is the new iteration, I preordered the 600 GB Velociraptor to build with a system later this year but here it is in all its glory. Its laying in a box next to two RMAed Hitachi 2 TB drives, Velociraptor sits among them as the pride of the pack.

The Velociraptor is a high speed and high performance drive with Sata III with a 6 GB/s communication interface, but the motherboard has to have the equivalent Sata III connection on the board. In my case I do have a board with two Sata III connection which will help me take advantage of these ridiculous speeds. If you are looking for a solid high performance drive then you can’t go wrong with the Western Digital Velociraptor, it comes in 400 GB and 600 GB.

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  1. Mabrook !
    WD and Seagate are the best in the market

  2. Fist, I would like to congratulate you on the NEW SATA Hard Disk.

    Second, Do you recommend i buy my hard disks from kuwait or order them from the company website or amazon?

    Thanks and Congratulations again ;)

  3. Nice buy but..

    Dude, support your local businesses. It’s not like the local prices are that high. A lot of times I’ve found processors, hard drives, and video cards in Hawally for the same price was newegg.com! I recently bought an Intel Q8300 for 45KD when the newegg price is 43.

  4. Mabrook Marzouq. I love WD products.

    Dear Yousef,

    Support the local shops in Hawally who illegally copy software and inflate prices of many (yes not all) items, and flood the market with inferior rubbish? No thanks I would rather they go belly up.

    If there is a decent shop in Kuwait – dealing only with genuine software and good quality hardware, pls let me know and I will buy from them even at 20% higher than the net.

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