Diablo III – Screen Shots

I am spending as much time as I possibly can playing StarCraft II and at times it doesn’t do it justice and it isn’t enough time. I really want to play a hell of a lot more of SCII but time is something I currently lacking. Looking at the upcoming Diablo III it looks insane, a fantastic game to play soon. I’m just happy that they might not be releasing it until 2011 since that will give me enough time to finish and enjoy all the multiplayer games of SCII, not including the challenges and the custom games. Now with all the time they have made an amazing game with SCII I’m expecting that they won’t be disappointing with Diablo III either.

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  1. Zikoo

    before Ramadan I purchased SCII coz I thought I would have extra spare time. However till now I played only 2 rounds :(. they did great developing SCII, and I hope they r doing the same for Diablo III.Can’t wait to put my hand on it.

  2. SCII is unbelievable! the graphics, the different game modes, campaign and of course the online multiplayer..

    Never played Diablo before though.. If I start on Diablo III, will be difficult for me to catch up on the game skills?

  3. I’ve been waiting for Diablo III since they announced it! the graphics look very amazing, even I can’t wait to listen to the soundtracks!

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