Yas Island Yacht Club

Everything about Yas Island has been planned perfectly from the hotels to the track, and all the other possible venues around it. Now they are building others services and infrastructure outside Yas Island with so much to do. I have yet to visit there and I honestly can’t wait. But nobody has really mentioned the Marina which has the view of the F1 circuit when your parked in your boat. They sell the yacht parking spots for the F1 just like they sell normal ticket seats but with a closer and better view. They have really thought everything out with this setup, I just can’t imagine how much the yearly fees are to park a boat there.

The Yacht club has sparkling white exterior shells integrated with LED façade lights which transform the giant structure into a pixilated viewing screen against the night sky. The 5 star club houses restaurants, bars, lounges, function rooms, outdoor decks and 45-metre observation tower.

Link: TheDesignBlog

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  1. Abu Dhabi is rising, the only difference between it and Dubai is that they are rising in the right way.

  2. joker86

    truely a class of it’s own, hopefully will be there for the season’s finale :)

  3. I’ve been lucky enough to drive on the F1 track at Yas Marina; I even got a chance to go out on a yacht around the whole development (track, hotel, club, etc.) and all I can say is that it is a stunning project. Abu Dhabi really and truly has a gem on its hands.

  4. Such a shame that this beautiful building has such an ugly interior.. it’s looks like “Burj Alarab” to me.

  5. Another example of Abu Dhabi’s vision being realised.

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