Blackberry Back Up Glitches

My Blackberry Curve 8900 is reaching the end of its life, I have decided that I need to transfer to a new phone soon but first I have to back up the phone. First thing I did was plug it into my laptop with Desktop Manager install to back up all my contacts and details.

I plugged in the phone and left it to back up and left the computer for bit. I came back and it was stuck on “BB Groups” so I left it for another 30 minutes only to find it still stuck there. So I upgraded from Desktop Manager 5.0 to Desktop Manager 6.0 and tried it again and it got stuck again at “BB Groups”. I remembered a few times that I did a Back Up and Restore for a few people that their were issues restoring the BB Groups so I’m assuming that there still is some sort of issue.

The next step is to try to leave the BB Groups out of the back up which I will try with the advanced connection but I’m hoping that will solved the issue once I activate the other phone.

I think the only thing I have to do now is leave all the groups and then try the back up and restore again. I have about 10 groups in total so I just have to get reinvited to them once I’m done with the back up, I just hope that it is the issue and not something else, or then I’m not sure what to do.

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  1. i didn’t know that you need to back-up a calculator if you’re buying another one !!

  2. mariam

    well… maybe u should stop purchasing blackberries. a tech nut like u should know better. its a shoddily built device, crap software, lousy stale generic interface…i could go on but wont, because i am sure u know so much more than i do!

    i recommend the samsung galaxy.

  3. same thing happened to me… you’ll just lose ur groups.. nothing more :)

  4. vipervenomtt

    Iphone 4 or 3gs all the way .

  5. If their desktop software fails, try to sync the device with outlook for the contacts and calendar (obviously it won’t help with the BB Groups). You can produce CSV export files to take to gmail or sync the new device with the same outlook folder to transfer.

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