Moto Art – KC-97 – Fuel Cradle Desk the B-29 Bomber

Moto Art specifically make furniture out of Old Planes, from the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s. Basically whatever they can get their hands on from these old school planes. They take a fuselage or an engine or a tail piece, they some how manage to turn it into a piece of furniture. I do love their style and they have done an amazing job with this piece from a B-29 Bomber. The problem is the price that comes with these pieces, since they have to go to the airplane scrap yard to get it and its not cheap, so something like this would probably be between $10’000 to $20’000 but I still like the way their furniture look, its original and can’t be copied.

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  1. Nice, and goes along with your blog theme haha. But it actually has an airplane feel to it, pretty neat.

  2. sophia xu

    It looks the frame structure making of stainless steel, table-board making of tempered glass. So i want to know the price, who can tell me?

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