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I’m surprised how many machines I see without antivirus, the first thing I take a look at is for any installed software and usually I find nothing. It’s one of those initial preventative steps to protect your system from any damage at a later point.


It was the best for a long time, so good that it from being a free antivirus to one you had to pay for. It seems to always keep your machine updated and on top of most of the little bugs that bother your machine. I have seen it block out quite a few viruses that come through outlook or downloading attachments. They do have a good internet suite which also protects you fro malware and other problems as well. So if your going with the paying option then Kaspersky is your best option.



AVG is the best free antivirus software out there period, I have tried a few it’s always updated and works lightly on your system. It works stabely without bothering your system at all, and it always automatically scans your USB and many time I have plugged other people’s USB’s to find malware and virus, it cleans them out and makes them accessible which is great. Every system must have it installed if you don’t have one in the first place.

I would avoid any McAfee or Norton Symantec software out there, it messes with your machine’s registery and always becomes slower. Some how the machine never recovers from an install of McAfee or Symantec install, if you try pulling it out it seems like it trys to do as much damage as possible before leaving your system.

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  1. avast! is my favorite. Been using it and recommending it to people for more than 3 years. Free, not a memory hog, and constantly updates itself.

  2. G-Funk

    I got the Best Anti-Virus right here >>>>> MAC OSX ;)

  3. Check out Microsoft Security essentials, it’s free, light and it has so far protected me really well, I have it installed on all my machines.

  4. i am using ESET NOD 32 so far its better and lighter than the AVG

  5. Of the free ones, AVAST is great…its light and efficient…i would recommend it to all the guys who doesn’t want to purchase an AV.

  6. Shalth

    Avira Anti-Virus is the best so far, the free version is non-expired. and the best thing it’s GERMAN MADE!

  7. Fz

    I agree with frankum. Nod32 is very good and does not slow the system.

  8. Xtreme

    Bitdefender is the best man ! Blocks all kinds of viruses you can think off

  9. Eset Nod32…! simply Light.. simply cool

  10. XsuiL

    is avast any good?i use it , im not that much into these stuff but thats what my bro advices me to use.

  11. Sub-80

    Depending on best anti virus is Bitdefender and best internet security was webroot, Kaspersky was second on both.

    Note: to those who don’t know Internet security pack is the anti virus pack plus a few other things.

  12. sk

    i think the best is norton….
    it has improved its resource use problem

    then i ll say avira..light…
    i still like kasper…

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