Office Reorganization


Cable management is a headache that I have to deal with, and its one of the major problems that I have to deal with it. After some time I’m gonna reorganize my machines and all the connections since there are a few redundant items that I need to get rid off. I want to run all the wires together to make sure they all fit perfectly instead of the gridlock that I get to behind my desk.

Now I want to upgrade from my 22″ inch screens to the new Dell 27″ inch screens which are amazing. But I have to email the manufacturer to see if the Ergotron dual screen mount can left the weight of each.

Then I have a lot of CDs & DVDs in storage, the DVDs I want to keep but the CDs I honestly don’t want to keep. And I’m too damn lazy to rip them to the computer. So I have to figure out what I want to do with them. I only buy a few CDs every 6 months now, but the ones I have are really old and I only wanted one or two tracks from them.

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  1. John C.

    I found this company which has some pretty good ideas on cable management. Their stuff is nice and looks like it does a good job. Though it looks a little pricey for some plastic- I personally hate looking at bundles of wiring and its worth it for me. I bought the normal size box and the Cable Drops looked like a great idea. Not a 100% complete solution but it definitely makes a nice difference. Here is the website-

    Hope this helps you out.

  2. They sell those white thingies in iKEA which should hide all the wiring for you but they’re too bulky.

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