PrePaid Micro-Sim?


Having an IPad 3G I wanted to take advantage of it while in the states next week. I have been looking online at T-Mobile & AT&T but I can’t seem to find any Pre-Paid Micro-Sim data plan. It’s always these contract plans, so I wondering what I would have to do to get a Pre-Paid Micro Sim for the iPad while I’m there for a few weeks.

I found this site called: iphonetrip but the pricing is ridiculous.

Anyone have any luck with this?

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  1. just a little bit

    get the t-mobile unlimited line + data for $70 and cut the sim to fit the ipad

  2. The ONLY prepaid line with data is available at T-Moble. BUT, T-Mobile have 3G thats a different frequency than AT&T and the old iPhone (not sure about new one or iPad) and so you will only be able to use the data line as edge.
    And yeah u need to cut the sim.

  3. Fawaz

    Just cam back from LA, what Mark is exactly what happened to me, I had to buy a micro sim card cutter to use the iphone 4 since T-mobile are the only ones that offer prepaid Sim cards plus it ONLY works on Edge for a frequency reason.

  4. ATT doesnt have a contract. If you have 3G Ipad when you enter the states youll get a message whether you want to enroll.

    I did for $25 a month for 2GB – thats the maximum, there is no unlimited anymore. Any 1 GB after that is $10 bucks (you need a US credit card to enroll).

    You can cancel your program when you leave the States. The 3G there was pretty solid and I as in DC, Nevada, California and Florida.

  5. anonymiss

    Check this website!

  6. AT&T have a special data plan just for the iPad, I think that is what you are looking for. The problem is the 2GB cap.

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