Ducati – Diavel?


Thats the latest update for the Ducati Cruiser yet, and news that Ducati copyrighted the name Diavel in the UK which is Devil in Italian. No news of it in the US or any other country but that is an interesting name. This last image does show a comfortable seat with the same light as the Streetfighter, and the 1200 cc of the Multistrada. I can’t wait to see this beast in November in EICMA

Link: Asphalt&Rubber

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  1. KuwaitQ

    Doubt it Tri star are able to sell this bike in kuwait… dont think we have a market for that!
    but risky move by Ducati

  2. Andy


    Do you think DUCATI makes bikes baed on Kuwait Market ?? This is a typical move by manufacturers into each other’s field trying to get a pc of the action like BMW with the S1000RR for a part of the sports market & Ducati Multistarda 1200 for a part of the Endoro segment etc etc etc

    I think it looks cool & should take some of the Harley V-Rod customers

  3. GeorgeInDallas

    elwebhi – Dooood… it’s a Ducati. What do you THINK the “riding dynamics” will be like?

  4. Sweeeeeeet bike! my concern is the passenger seat. Not much going on there.Looks like no long distance for the passenger. Wondering about touring bags? I think I,ll order one anyway. I want to blow the wheeles off the v-rod!

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