Oman For The Day

I usually try my hardest not to travel in Ramadan as it takes a toll on a person and I honestly can’t justify breaking my fast during these short trips in the Gulf. This one came up urgently as I had to go to Oman for the day full of meetings and they started from early in the morning with three meetings in total.

We came in on the Oman Air flight the night before and staying at The Chedi hotel. After my last stay I don’t think I want to stay anywhere else in Oman but sadly the restaurant closes at 10:30 pm and we arrived around 1:30 am. But the hotel was comfortable as usual with only about 50% capacity it was relatively empty but we didn’t get to enjoy the resort much other then relaxing because we were fasting. But the weather was amazing between 23 to 28 degrees, with mild humidity which wasn’t too bad, it was very pleasant. As soon as we were done we relaxed at the hotel for about an hour and half before heading to the airport to catch our 7 pm flight back, the best part of the hotel is their very good policy about late check out. The next time I go to Oman I plan on renting a car and getting a little lost, I’m curious about a few different places there.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. wow,, i wanna visit oman one day enshala

    rent a car and drive in the famous mountain road

  2. Joy

    Get a four wheeler and try the Jebel Akhdar and Jebel Shams route. You will need a permit for the Jebel Akhdar trip since its controlled by the army, but the hotel can manage that for you. Have a good trip….

  3. yuseff

    As an Omani, I’m glad you enjoyed your time in Oman. I’m going to be leaving soon to the UK but once I’m back I can help out with the whole trip thing.

  4. Beautiful shots of a beautiful place.

    I love how the Omanis maintain their country. The attention to detail is, in my opinion, the absolute best in any Arabic country – and I’ve been to almost all of them!

  5. looks as if you had good luck and also arrived on a cooler cloudy day

  6. Is the hotel by an international chain? never heard of it. But it really looks clean and nice. Loved the design, very simple.

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