Tricolore – Hungry?

When you break your fast on an airplane the last thing you want is airplane food so I decided to just have a date and a glass of water and wait until I landed. This is what I call the Tricolore, three types of rice and chickens to match. I was looking forward to laying back after eating that dish and watching some tv. I know some of you might be wondering about my diet, it is still going on and I am maintaining a weight around 92 KGs. The next step is going to be consistently exercising but that is going to be a plane for a later stage. But that really hit the spot.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. ATAMY


  2. Can we pay for it ??

    bel3afya :)

  3. That got me drooling! I second “vampire”, post AFTER Maghreb! :)

  4. abod

    please remove the pictures from fajer to maghrib to fast peacefully

  5. S.K

    yuuuuuuuummmmmmy!!! inta officially my favorite blogger:D
    care to share the recipe or say shnu eb each rice color

  6. Bader

    Me need take out please :D, come back safely man

  7. i bet the yellow tastes the best

  8. Clayton_souza

    can we pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee get the recepie, that looks aamazingg

    RECIPE please :(

  9. Yum yum…

    Bil3afia… Diffcult travelling in Ramadan – as you said in your previous post, but this meal goes some way to help :)

    Brilliant shots.

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