Emirates – The Upgrade


Going off on a long trip you always wonder what you have forgotten, I don’t think I have forgotten anything yet. Packed up all my cloths and my carry on for a long trip, headed to the airport with plenty of time. My flight take off time was at 6:05 pm so its before futoor and I have been up since 8 am and hungry as hell. After check-in I wondered why I don’t get a starbucks since I’m hungry but then I remembered I’m fasting. Got to the lounge and I was one of the few non-foreigner sitting in the lounge, I’m assuming most people prefer to travel after sunset. The plane was a little delayed but not too bad, as soon as I got to the gate they took my ticket and slashed the seat number from 9J to 2J, I wasn’t sure why but I didn’t bother. When I got to the plane I found out that they upgraded me from Business to First Class which is great, that hasn’t happened to me in years and I was surprised. When I asked why they said its because of my Skyward Card, I was happy and got comfortable. I was just waiting for the prayer time to break my fast, and as soon as it did I asked for a date and water, then prayed in my seat. As soon as the plane took off the steward brought my food right away since he saw I was hungry as hell, I ate like a starved man, and the food hit the spot before settling down to watch a movie.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Bissalamaah inshallah :-) Take care and keep the posts coming as much as you can ;-)

  2. giggles

    etro7 wetrid bil salama inshala, ya 7alat il emaratiya number 1 airline for me and yes your skyward card does help o kil mate93ad level ekon fe mazaya akthar.

  3. Bissalama. Have a nice trip. Getting an upgrade is alwyas fun :)

    IS this photo one of yours? I love it!

  4. loooks nice … me too I got upgraded by british airways but I didn’t know why … I thought they made a mistake on my ticket by printing a different class

  5. Reznama

    Its a nice feeling to have the upgrade
    Hope 4 u a nice trip
    Btw: praying on the chair is wrong
    U only can sit to pray if you cant stand up for an emergency or somthing like that :)

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