Google Reader Pile Up


Taking some time off the internet has left my Google Reader pile up to a readiculous number. I think at this point it has easily gone northwards of 7000 articles to catch up with. Some article I skim through and some I actually read, and I really don’t like hitting the “Mark as Read” button so I end up taking the time to go through them or at least scroll through them. At this rate I think it will take me two to three weeks to catch up with all the articles and its a hell of a lot. I really wish Google Reader had a more descriptive tag then “1000+” so that I know I really am making a dent in some of these feeds, for some sense of online accomplishment. I’m just going to have to keep pushing through until I get under 1000.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Can’t wait to have you see my updates and my blog :P

  2. Since your current post is ‘swamped’ I thought of you when I was using a new app I downloaded today. It’s called ‘Reeder for iPad’ and it syncs beautifully with google reader. I quite like it and am enjoying catching up with my reading The relevant thing is: it shows the actual number of unread items… Not just 1000+

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