Moleskine Covers for iPhone & iPad


At last they have heard the calling of so many people, they are coming up with covers for the iPhone & iPad. I already registered to get notified the moment its available, I do love my Moleskine and take it every where with me, and try to write notes about anything and everything. Now that they have a combination iPad & Moleskine its going to be perfect to carry around everywhere, and just have something to write and note, just the perfect combination of low-tech & high-tech. Now we just got to wait.

Link: UnPlgged

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  1. Miss Good Egg

    Cute but I prefer my current iPad cover. I get to flip it backwards for a reclined/upright ipad position.

    Btw, did you know Moleskine had a blog? I just found out yesterday. They post everything Moleski-sh to feed our Moleskine idee-fixe and mania.

  2. Helps you out when you are afraid of being mugged and getting your precious iPad/iPhone robbed :P

  3. do you know where can i get moleskines in kuwait ? please help and thank you

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