The New TV Shows


There is a huge line up of new shows this season, some I don’t know what to expect and some I don’t even know about yet. This is just a short list of the new shows and some of the usual shows which are back. Some were unexpected, some are great, and one unexpectedly went out the window. The EVENT is looking to be leading the pack but its one hell of show and lots of mysterious pieces to put together, then there are the comedies, and The Defender is one of those fun lawyer shows with Jim Belushi and Jerry O’Connell as the lead lawyers, and their combination is funny and fantastic. And I can’t wait for the usual shows this season and I’m still catching up on last season!

The New:

  • HellCats – Fun Show
  • Lone Star – Already Cancelled! Lol
  • The EVENT – FlashForward/Lost Mix!
  • The Defenders – Awesome Vegas Lawyer Show!
  • Hawaii Five-0 – Great Hawai Action Cop Show!


The Usuals:

  • Fringe – The Best Show of Last 2010 Season
  • Community – Its Back! I Can’t Wait!
  • How I Met Your Mother – More Fun!
  • The Big Bang Theory – The Nerds are Back!
  • Sons of Anarchy – Hell of a Show!
  • The Mentalist – More to Unravel!
  • Smallvile – The Last Season! Going to be Great!
  • 90210 – More the crazy High School
  • Chuck – More of our favorite Spy/Nerd!
  • Glee – The Musical is Back

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  1. hmmm

    if you enjoyed heroes, you will enjoy “no ordinary family” check it out

  2. Be sure to check out for more TV Shows scoops :D I have a few joint bloggers with me and we’re reviewing all the new and existing shows :D I’ve got a huge list this year and I thought what better than to document it in one blog separate from my usual one.

  3. Waleed

    HIMYM is just CRAZYYY THIS SEASON, watched episode 2 for like 5 times till now!

  4. Dee

    himym is my fav!
    u should chk the meduim its a funny 20 mins show!

  5. Boodlz

    The Event is my fav show this season!
    Nikita is behind it…its a fun show.

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