The New BMW 6 Series

The Paris Autoshow is where every Automaker shows off their new machines, being it new production cars or concept cars. This year had a few interesting line ups but I wanted to see was the new 6 Series, and it looks good based on these pictures. Now this is the standard 6 series, not the M6 which will probably be following a few years later. They will pop a V6 twin turbo in the the 6 series and a V8 twin turbo into the M6 just as the they are in the 5 series. I for one am looking forward to seeing the M6 as BMW usually never disappoints.

Link: Autoblog

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  1. it’s still a concept so changes may apply to final product if ever gonna make it to producation

    what stunned me in the Paris show is lotus!!! with 5 concepts!!! it’s like saying “watch out fellas,, i’m back”

  2. I don’t know if it’s just me. I’m not a fan BMW shapes when they first come out. This is no exception A month or two later, I start falling in love. My father just bought the 7 series – a shape I really hated when it first appeared. Today, it’s beautiful.

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