The One – Overpriced


I have gone to a few places to check out furniture over the last few months. Recently I saw a couch in The One that I wanted, when I saw it in February it was around 599 KD for the 1.5 seater which is a bit on the high side for a product made in China. I left it at that, then by May I passed by again to find it for sale at around 425 KD but I didn’t have the space to get it yet. Then I went back in the end of June to check its there and found the same couch for 265 KD, that does tell me something. Now that I can get the couch its gone, and I found something similar and its at the price of 589 KD which is again ridiculous. They do have nice stuff and I went and checked out other places but didn’t find what I want. Then I saw an office chair for 199 KD at The One that I remember seeing for 60 KD a while back, I think they would sell more if their prices are a little bit more reasonable.

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  1. thats insane, i was browsing the ikea catalog online and it only has prices in USD from the states, when i went to buy a couple of things in kuwait it was 1 KD to 1 DOLLAR

    thats ridiculous

  2. yeah thats how it goes even with any other boutique, they are high priced but theyve got their reasons, did you even see the place ? its like the issue they have in villa moda.. so I say because the market is like 2 million people, they should really sell stuff that are 50 dollar to 50 KD. the market is micro

  3. 3azeez

    I’m getting married soon so I’ve been looking for furniture myself as well… I noticed that all well known shops (such as Ali Abdulwahab) are way over priced. Not only most bedrooms I found were over KD 600, but most of them are cheap chinese quality. The prices are going up while the quality is going down!

    such a shameful thing.

  4. 3azeez

    “I think they would sell more if their prices are a little bit more reasonable. ”

    Do you really think so? Look at Abyat, over priced cheap quality furniture and people are still buying AND bragging!

    In Kuwait, if you want to sell something… over price it… people will buy it just to brag. To hell with the quality.

  5. T: It seems to be the case with a lot of products!

    U: Some boutique stores I can understand, but some products are also on the insane side! Some places bring high quality products from Italy and UK, and I notice the pricing is similar but some places are just too much.

    3azeez: I have to completely agree with you on your points. I have gone around to a lot of places and surprisingly the cheap places are also expensive like Ali Abdulwahab, Midas, Abyat, and Xcite.

  6. i found the one to be good in decorations ONLY.
    if i’m going to buy a couch, i’ll get is from pottery barn, good american quality,, even though it’s always at KD400-600 for a 2 seater piece

  7. Lalloushi

    An advice, go to, you can complain about these things and rate them, The One is in the ‘Furniture’ category.

  8. Dell

    Z you should seriously check out Home Selection its located in AL Raya its the best,,, Great Furniture really Nice and luxurious check it out youll like it,,, Great staff professional people they have been in this business for years.

  9. DND

    lol whats funny is abyat and the one have the same owners(: and there related so ill be sure to pass this along.

  10. The one and Bo Concept have really great pieces but as you said over priced! I am currently in the “looking” process, you can really find bargains in Kuwait, I didn’t discover the Midas office branch in Dhajeej area till last week! was pretty chocked with the prices, a lot of stuff are kinda reasonable

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