A Drop In The Water

I love getting into the water, I love swimming, and just floating in the water. This past week the weather has just been unpredictable as to what exactly is going to happen but we headed to the shalaih and decided we are swimming this Friday.

It was a little bit of wind but not nearly enough to discourage us and we have gotten in the water in worse conditions. After about an hour of laying about watching tv we got into the water, and we were literally the only people in the water. No one else can be seen except for half a dozen jetskies in a 10 kilometer stretch. The water was a bit cold but not enough so that no one gets into the water, but it seems the weather is changing and the water is a bit cooler. Overall I think its been a fantastic summer and I’m hoping for more time in the water and less sandstorms in the near future but riding season is around the corner at this point.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!

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  1. Waw, it’s been a while since I’ve been to the sea. I’m planning for a fishing trip with dad and his friend in a nice yacht by next week. I’ll take some nice photos too and post them up.

    My cousins are always on their jet-skis in Thebaeya and Bnaider, I really miss it and you just reminded me of how awesome it can be. We used to have fun with the biscuit though, we were suicidal!

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