I thought the new 5 series looks pretty good, it has the potential to be one mean car. I think they have something good to work with to make the M5, but it seems like Russia just aren’t up to waiting for that new look. They have taken the Lumma package and slapped every possible carbon fiber piece they could find onto this beautiful machine.

TopCar’s Kevlar and carbon fiber body package for BMW’s 5-Series F10 includes front bumper with LED side markers, rear bumper with diffuser, fitted quad exhaust system and R19 Lumma wheels. I’m sure this package costs a pretty penny.

Link: TopCar

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  1. milani86

    that’s one good looking monster … i love this version of the 5-series much better than the old one :)

  2. Koob

    Waw, i would like the same …

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