German Guy Caught Speeding in the US

This cop is really on a power trip and didn’t feel like giving this guy a ticket, lucky guy got away without getting a ticket. In my case I would have been screwed by the cop, its usually my luck. How in the hell did he manage to record that without getting caught, but the cops’ warning was funny.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Troy

    This guy has seen one too many episodes of CHiPs. I bet he gets all the ladies like Officer Frank Poncherello.

  2. b

    I’m guessing the officers ass was hurting him when he pulled them over hahaha

  3. Marcopolo

    This ain’t the autobahn! haha

  4. Troy: hahaha! Very true!

    b: loooool!

    Marcopolo: German Boy! loool

  5. dell

    They always do this, they harass you and dont give you a ticket. If they didnt harass you they give you a ticket. With harassment and a ticket together you could hold it against him easily in court.

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