Black & White Houses – Kuwait

I have probably passed this house at least 100 times over the past year, and I have seen it from the 5th ring road as it is getting built, always when on the way to the Avenues. To my surprise I find that the house is featured in a lot of architectural design sites and blogs, I saw and said to myself I knew that house only to read that it is in Kuwait. At first I thought it was three houses but turned out to be six houses molded together, you cant tell when one house starts and the other ends. I always liked the design of the house and wish more houses took this approach to the land they had instead of building the square blocks that they currently are building in most areas in Kuwait.

The project has been complete by AGI Architects who work in Kuwait and Spain, they really seemed to have worked on it to make these houses into the form that they are, with the combination of the white and black colors they merged the six houses on the three plots into overlapping volumes. From the pictures the house seems to have a lot of natural lighting and have been designed in a way to provide each home with its privacy yet seem as one unit, I love the underground parking I just hope it has more then two spots per garage. I’m not even sure how one person can reach the other garage but it is quite a lovely home.

Link: E-Architect
Link: Dezeen

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  1. if u have the money, u can do that and better ;)

  2. I’m speechless, that’s absolutely amazing. The contrast and organization is amazing.

  3. Nice… I didn’t know it was 6 houses (I thought it was 1)… This is the property I meant in my comment on your Spanish House post :) I too noticed it on 5th. Allah yhanneehum. I love the design.

  4. instantcravings

    That is indeed a very nice looking house.. I’d perhaps avoid those earthen pots and instead opt for large dark rectagular stone pots that would complement the granite wall finish !


    ur kidding, i love it, who do we call for this piece of art?

  6. I Know this house it’s in “Yarmook Area” you can see it from the 5th ring road in the way to The Avenues … It’s cool design I hop must Kuwaitis copy or do the same coolest design of this marvels home !!

  7. Those houses are 3ajebeeein mashallah, perfect contemporary design amazing colors and chicness! What I mostly love about them is the space management & compact space :D in like 300-400mt sq you can get THE perfect house with all the required facilities, i simply hate the idea of the big hous

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