OCZ RevoDrive SSD

SSD Drives have improved performance of machines over the past few years but there is still a few kinks to be worked out including decrease of price. A 500 GB SSD is extremely expensive in comparison to normal drives but you are somewhat guaranteed that the drive won’t fail. Now OCZ has taken it to a different level with PCI-E SSDs, which now you can use to boot and its insanely fast. The PCI-E SSD is a new edition and available from 50 GB up to 480 GB which is pretty good but then there is the high price of this technology which ranges from $300 to $1500.


  • Read: up to 285MB/s
  • Write: up to 250MB/s


  • Read: Up to 540 MB/s
  • Write: Up to 450 MB/s

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  1. SSD drives are great devolopment to stanrd mechanical drives but like you saif the current problem is the price but that should only be a temporary issue :)

  2. i’d love to have an SSD but not the one above!!! insanely expensive but impressive speeds!!!

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