Swedish Military


Now I wouldn’t want to get on this woman’s bad side, didn’t know Sweden had an female military on the front line in Afghanistan. She seems to be having a very intense moment with her gun, and looks like she knows how to use it. It takes a skilled photographer to get a natural shot like that.


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. DOD

    Is this a model or a real soldier?

  2. Realist

    Would be tough to aim right if she’s next to you.

  3. She’s on one side, beards and turbans on the other…
    Difficult choice :)

  4. @DOD – Real Soldier!

    @black yeti – Looool

    @Realist – I don’t think she would have any trouble shooting in any direction!

    @Bu Yousef – I would have to agree with you! Tough Choices! lol

  5. psytrance

    this is why i like europe ,there is no line between man n women

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