Beirut Stop

I had to go to Beirut a few days ago for a short trip, a few meetings and a few outings with friends. So I booked on Wataniya Airlines and took the normal economy ticket for 60 KD since I booked early and I haven’t traveled in economy for a while but the seats were very comfortable. I just flew Jazeera Airways recently and the leg space was a bit cramped but in Wataniya the seats were very reclined and very good leg room which I enjoyed. One other major plus is that they have power outlets in economy which I haven’t seen in other airlines.

While I was there I just couldn’t stop eating, there is a lot of good food in Lebanon. I know it sounds a bit funny saying this but I Lebanese food in Lebanon tastes a lot better then any where else. Then there is the Solidaire area which is a lot of fun to walk around, the area around there just keeps getting better and better. We went to one amazing restaurant in Rumana called Mounir and their food was amazing but to get their you have to be an F1 driver. I seriously can’t drive in Lebanon, you have to have insane driving skills and there is an art form to honking because you have no clue what the other person is going to do. I honestly love Lebanon there are so many nice places to visit, and I enjoy passing by their art and furniture stores but I never really have time to walk around and take a look.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. mounir is my favorite lebanese restaurant
    i eat there every time i go to lebanon

  2. Lovely photos,They look so “calm” though very unlike Beirut :)
    Just realized how much I miss Lebanon…

  3. wala marzouk za bicshers are 3an jad beautiful, tanks

  4. giggles

    fe ma63am fe aswaq beirut 3inda bread pudding wayed lathetha nesaiyt esem il ma63am bas ohwa yam hermes.

  5. Nice post, and great pictures of Beirut
    the restaurant is in Broumana.
    and you are right about driving in Lebanon, i posted on my blog the rules of honking in Lebanon it will be useful for your next visit to Lebanon :)

  6. @vampire – It was amazing food! I loved it! I couldn’t stop eating!

    @Sahar – Thank you! Beirut was active for sure! Nonstop moving and lots of people!

    @black yeti – Anytime!

    @giggles – I don’t know where that is but I will ask nxt time I’m around!

    @Joe’s box – I will make sure to learn some of those rules but I doubt I will be driving in Lebanon anytime soon! lol

  7. jewaira

    Lovely photos and what a nice post :) Gives one a completely different viewpoint

  8. @jewaira – Thank you! I want to go one time to Lebanon for fun so I can really walk around and explore some of the more artsy places!

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