Zain Local Blackberry – No Roaming


With Zain you have a choice of two plans, International or Local, with International you get an extra 10 MB for international use and unlimited local, with Local you get no allowance for international but you get unlimited local. With both plans you pay 6 fils per KB, with the international you get that fee once you go over the 10 MB monthly allowance. Now because of all the pricing and billing blunders that people suffered while traveling internationally with a local plan Zain switched off Blackberry Service for people who travel internationally but with a local plan. If you want Blackberry Service running but you want to keep your local plan you have to go to Zain and sign documents stating that you understand the bills against you. Now I can understand the billing issue but they seriously have to find a way to warn people when they are reaching their limits instead of just cutting them off. My friends just learned about this little change in policy while they were traveling, so even if they wanted to activate their Blackberry service they would have to go to Kuwait and sign the document and then they would switch it on, so no way to do it while you are abroad. But for those who don’t want to switch it on you can still use the Blackberry service internationally when you are connected to a Wifi connection.

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  1. I’ve been through this last time I was abroad, I spoke to the service center and they told me this whole story, but I wasn’t very pleasant and with enough attitude managed to get it activated on the phone
    every thing is possible

  2. meh

    OR just buy a local blackberry line :)

  3. same thing happened to me.. but i called em and they activated it for me.. 2 days worth of bbm-ing and when i reached q8 for some reason they said my bill is 280kd :@ WTF zain 7aramyaa!!! :@

  4. @Someday – Well that works! For some people they don’t budge, depends on who your talking to!

    @meh – Sometimes it isn’t an option, people wouldn’t be able to reach you, especially if its just for one day its not worth it!

    @sulaiman – That is ridiculously insane! Did you surf the net or use your email? The problem is that you can’t prove them wrong about your bill!

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