Lack of Time Management


When I took a vacation I thought I would get things back in order, get some gaming in and watching some anime. I barely keep up with the shows as well as movies, I’m traveling a lot for work staying late. At the end of the day I’m even too tired to go riding. There are days I just want to stay playing video games all day, when I was int he states I played a lot of Halo Reach and since I came back I haven’t had a chance even though I really want to play the game, it requires dedication and time to play Halo and I don’t want to just play 20 minutes and stop, I usually end up playing for hours. Then there is all the anime that I am missing and I’m going to try catching up with all that I have missed but I don’t know when that is going to happen.

What I Would Do With A Lot Of Free Time:

  • Ride As Much As Humanely Possible!
  • Watch all the anime and tv shows that I’m missing
  • Play all the unplayed XBox 360 & PS3 Games!
  • Go the gym
  • Clean up my room
  • Catch up on the pile of books
  • Reorganize My Network
  • Reorganize all the Cables, Wires and Hardware
  • Reorganize all the folders stored on my Network, I’m getting lost as to where I stored what item

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Explorer

    Just prioritize each item and put yourself a timetable to achieve each of them

  2. vipervenomtt

    you remind me of my bachelor years :)

    i miss it …

  3. @Explorer – The problem is that Im prioritizing work and family and other obligations! This is the “other” stuff! lol

    @K.theKuwaiti – I agree 100%!!!!!

    @vipervenomtt – hehehe! U can still live it!

  4. i don’t see the gym happening anytime soon though :p

  5. Marzouq, to keep things in perspective, you won’t regret not playing games or watching animes when you’re on your death bed. What matters in life is God, family, friends, health, and peace. So pay more attention to what matters most and you’ll reap greater rewards. :)

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