Slider Station – The Beast Challenge

Slider Station is one of the best Burger Places in Kuwait, I do love their recipes and their huge selection of burgers. I haven’t been there in a little while due to being busy and not feeling like driving too far to eat, but the other day I had a chance to eat since it was right after a meeting. With the weather getting nicer and nicer the outside patio area was packed, no seats available. At that point I was so hungry that I didn’t care where I sat, so we sat upstairs and ready to order.

I quickly went through the menu and I felt like a regular burger and a rib eye quesadilla, the quesadilla seemed enticing, I wasn’t sure what to expect. We also ordered an assortment West Coast, Dynamite, and Midnight Sliders. When the food came I pounced it right away, I was hungry as hell. The burgers came out first, and they brought out the Rib Eye Quesadilla which was the best and freshest Quesadilla I have had in a while, it was really good and the Rib Eye was genius, if you haven’t had it then you should try it. As I was walking to wash my hands after the meal was annihilated, I saw this large list called “THE BEAST CHALLENGE” and I don’t even know what is that challenge, I didn’t think of asking what it was when I was walking out but I have feeling I will be trying it out. There was a list of people on it, I wonder if that means they were successful or just tried.

(All Pics with HTC Desire Android)

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  1. DOD

    Im sure those are the successfull ones, as many people have probably tried it. Where is the slider station located anyway?

  2. @DOD – Slider Station is located opposite Al Seef Palace on the GulfRoad, very nice area! My question was what was the challenge that warrents all those names! And I want my name up there! lol

  3. Eissa

    hey that’s me ! i’m the first baaby ! ;p

  4. @Eissa – So what was the challenge? lol

  5. Eissa

    To eat a burger in the size BK’s pizza burger (a little smaller though ) .. It’s easy, that’s why you got like 30 guys who ate it !
    Actually me and my two friends tried eating it and we all finished .. I came first and they are number 2 and 3 two of us ate deserts !

  6. Eissa

    Writing these comments using an iPhone so it’s if I got typos !

  7. @Eissa – Hahaha! Ok I will try it out for sure! Its ok I always have lots of typos!

  8. thats cool!! i should try that! but I bet I won’t be able to finish it!

  9. micky 101

    hey, what is that in the second picture ? it looks delicious ;)

  10. @Summer – hehehe! Eat what you can! lol

    @micky 101 – That is the Rib Eye Quesidialla! AMAZING!

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