New Evidence of a 9/11 Cover-Up


There are new reports surfacing about a possible cover-up of a conspiracy of the US Government in the events leading up to the 9/11 attacks. According to several reports online, it all started when the US government blocked the release of this book by Anthony Shaffer who worked at the Pentagon before 9/11. You can read all the comments on Amazon from people that bought the book but it was never delivered to them.

Shaffer reveals in his book that the invasion of Afghanistan was planned a year before the 9/11, Bin Laden was a CIA asset, paid and trained by the CIA when the Soviets invaded Afghanistan in the 70’s 80’s (reference: Charlie Wilson’s War) and most likely died early 2002 of kidney failure. An apparent conclusion is that the “War on Terror” is fake and mostly staged. The US, UK and Israeli intelligence have been attempting to infiltrate the so called Muslim Terror cells for decades and set them up. The “terror scare” is used to justify the “perpetual State of War” in the Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakistan and have replaced the “Cold War with the complicity of US mainstream media.

You can even check the links in Amazon with people saying they allowed the REDACTED format for security reasons, so they basically removed any incriminating information from the book. 9/11 was a tragedy but not everything is what it seems, there seems to be more going then a lot people knew or at least had the evidence to prove it.

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  1. Saad

    I find all of this to be very funny! And My brain can’t comprehend this type of information!

  2. This info has been known for a long time, but its good to see a former pentagon employee come out with the info. The truth will come out!!! Stop being sheep and educate yourselves people!

  3. BlabbeRMoutH8X

    this news is very old…..though the book will have many more details….
    the entire thing is a fake!!!!
    master planned by the U.S govt……sadly
    this sucks!!

    check the linkformore info :)

  4. That quote, as short as it is, makes a lot of sense. Actually, it makes perfect sense and opens one’s mind about what’s been going on for years in our region. We are in constant fear of any kind of war breaking out, and this terror scare have done so much damage to the Arab world and continues to do so.

  5. meh

    This book would be perfect sitting beside “Man never went to moon” book.

  6. B

    Its called a false flag operation .. research what happened to the reichstag, that established hitler and the nazi’s in to parliament

  7. Man 9/11 is the mother of Bull shits
    its all was planed ;S and we are blamed

  8. @Saad – Its a simple concept!

    @yousef – Hopefully the whole truth comes out sooner rather then later!

    @BlabbeRMoutH8X – I will check it out for sure!

    @The M Code – We have come to live in a state of fear and its very sad!

    @meh – Lots of consipiracies!

    @Bu Yousef – Honestly its tough to trust any media these days!

    @B – I will check that out!

    @brownsuger – Its very sad!

  9. kooka

    the only ppl that believes “muslim ppl are the terrorist,, they ,,,,,,,,”
    are (sorry) stupid and naieve americans!
    being moved by their (israili zionist) media

  10. funny thing, how is it that conspiracies revolve mostly around events that happen in the US/ related to the US? Kinda like the Aliens sightings :> I’ve always wondered why in the US only :p

  11. abood

    no one will know the whole truth just look at JFK assassination the related documents wont be released until 2017

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