I’m a huge fan of Daft Punk and this is the new Music Video for Tron :Legacy. It seems that they have come up with all the music for Tron Legacy and I think its a perfect fit. Nobody can make music for the world of Tron other then Daft Punk, and I’m curious to see the music in the whole upcoming album.

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  1. Marcopolo

    Jeff Bridgess? Thats interesting.
    Daft Punk are amazing as usual.

  2. @Marcopolo – They brought him back from the old school Tron! And Daft Punk are perfect for this movie!

  3. Perfect Combo! I can’t wait till December :D

  4. *2thumbsup*
    never liked the original tron but saw the trailer several times & the music really caught my attention, not sure its by daft too :}

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