Free Riding – Crack of Dawn

I was so excited to ride this weekend that I woke up at the crack of dawn, I knew it was going to be cool but at 5 am it was 19C outside which was perfect. I update the playlists on my nano, got my camera with me, and got into gear. We met up at 7am on Friday at Starbucks Bida’a, and there were at least a dozen bikers already there. It seems everyone was ready to ride this season and well worth it in the lovely morning. The weather in Kuwait has been fantastic and I hope it stays that way for a while, I am one person that does not miss those dusty days.

As usual there were a bunch of Harleys in the morning and a couple of Ducatis, but it was just me and my friend riding this lovely morning. We said hello to a lot of people, had a cold drink then headed out. They have repaved certain parts of the GulfRoad with what seems to be cheap work so the roads are shiny but slippery, there were few parts where I felt the back end of my bike shake even when I was going relatively slow. I haven’t been on the roads for a while so I thought I would take it easy the first time around to make sure I know where the bad spots are before pushing the bike. We stopped at Sharq Mall to switch bikes, I was riding the Ducati 1098s and my friend was riding the MV Agusta 312R, the 312R is probably one of the most extreme machines out of MV Agusta, Italians really do know how to make their machines look good.

As soon as we switched bikes and got some pictures, we got back on the road only to find a pack of Ducatis that we knew so we dedcided to tag along with them since we didn’t mind modifying our plan. A few hand signals and we were off in a pack of six, and I was riding on a machine that I have never ridden on before, so there was a slight learning curve in the matter. These guys had their gloves off, they were maniacs, the throttle was tied to their adrenaline and they were flying like rockets, and we were keeping up and we know that we could even pass them but we usually go at a more comfortable pace. But we thought we do something different, we went all the way to Doha and back, they were relentless, a couple of Ducati Classics, one BMW, and a Monster, but we were on the MV 312R and the 1098s, so we were flying our of corners, taking any opening. We were lucky the roads were empty and we took the seaside all the way back. By the time we were on Blajat Street I ran out of Gas so we had to fill up, luckily the new station there had Ultra Super gas.

We headed back to Starbucks Bida’a for a drink before riding again, and by the time we got there we saw even more bikes around 9:30 am. I saw the BMW S1000R and its a mean looking machine, even a Corvette group seemed to be out as well. We had some cold water before heading out again, then we met up with some friends at Prime & Toast. This time a friend joined up with us from the Ducati Club and this guy wanted to fly, I won’t lie I was tempted everytime to take off, its a hell of a rush. I think everyone just really loved the day and the cool weather. Some of those guys were riding since last night they couldn’t wait to get on the road. After breakfast I went home and needed a nap to be up the rest of the day. This was my first time riding an MV Agusta and the 312R is a in a class of its own, it has a lot of high end power, I would have preferred a little at the low end but its a big machine and you have to learn how to ride it, if you are over confident its not a forgiving machine but if you learn to ride it, its pure bliss.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Some lovely shots… Enjoy the rides. I love the early morning weather these days.

  2. Hey Zooq thanks for the shot. i have to agree with you the quality of tarmac is appalling, very slippery, the bike twitches under acceleration and not that inspiring under cornering.

  3. ahmed258

    Looks like you had an amazing bike)) Wish there was some dodge charger club which I can join since my wife will never let me buy a bike, its dangerous she says)))

  4. ahmed258

    Bike = time )) mis type

  5. @Bu Yousef – Thank you! The mornings are amazing and the weather is great!

    @Adrenaline – I’m trying to put something together! Need more footage though! I want it done right no crappy stuff, but there are some crazy scenes! loool

    @HELLRAISER – Your telling me! That tarmac scared the crap out of me, I’m just going to take it east! Its sad they are using cheap tarmac and we get screwed! By the way LOVE UR BIKE! Its a mean looking machine, keep up the amazing work on it!

    @ahmed258 – The danger of bikes are relative! Just get one and see what she does! looool

    @The M Code – Bikes are lots of fun!

    @brownsuger – You can get training!

    @vampire – Hahaha! U should join us for a ride soon! We can arrange it!

  6. Mr. GoodKat

    Hey Marzouq hope u enjoyed the ride, was wondering what is the bike in the third pic? the one with the green helmet and gatling gun exhaust. thanks

  7. @ GoodKat its a 2000 Harley Davidson Nightain, built in Kuwait with a 1750cc engine, ported heads, wiseco pistons hi lift cams ad a 45mm Mik Carb. Front tire section is 180mm rear 200mm. Spurting out well over 120HP at the rear tire. Hope that helped.

  8. I know a guy who rides with you. The weather is perfect for it now.

  9. @Mr. GoodKat – Hellraiser has got your answer! An AMAZING machine in real life!

    @HELLRAISER – Mashalla Mashalla Mashalla! Beautiful Machine! Again Mashalla! Love it! Keep up the great work with it!

    @American Girl – Hehehe! Its perfect riding weather!

  10. Adenaline no need to vent your clunky noisy clutch frustration over here :) keep it on facebook!

  11. Man I wish I had a bike in Kuwait! :(

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