GulfRun 6 – It Has Begun!

After seeing the announcement on Marks blog last night I knew that there is a lot to look forward to for GulfRun. This year I want to be a little bit more prepared for it then last year and I know a lot of people area geared up to go. I’m not sure what to expect but I know its going to be good. A lot of people are getting ready for the track, they have been asking about the dates for a while now but at last they are set and I can plan around it. Now to order some car parts before the year end and get it installed. Above are my favorite pics from the GulfRun 5 Car Show, you can check them out at the recently updated GulfRun website.

These are some of my favorite pictures, that kid looks like he is the King of all the cars and the guys below checking out their times at the track.

Now the dates are set and we have a target ahead of us. Now the website has all the pics and all the racing results from past years, too bad I never get up there!

Link: GulfRun

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I really can’t wait. :D

  2. Corolla Man (AE86)

    Well love the first pic nice pause, looks like in 10 years he will take part in GR16 with the AE86.

  3. Gomi

    Ya7ilwa saqer ;*

  4. Wooow the BM boy is goergouse mashalla ;). Alla i7aftha

  5. good luck guys, last year i took some pictures from the top of the tower, but i lost them :/

  6. @N – Same here!!!!!

    @Corolla Man (AE86) – He will be THE Driver! Out drive the STIG for sure!

    @Gomi – Agreeeed! A7laaahum!

    @Sosa – EEEE! I love that Picture!

    @The Stig – Come this year and take more pictures! I had a lot of fun! Nxt time ask to go around the track!

  7. K.theKuwaiti

    @Corolla Man (AE86):

    I don’t think the AE86 will be ready by GR16.

  8. kooka

    bettawfeeeg :)looking forward

    you should take the little boy as “da3aya”
    for the good advertisement he gave you ;p

  9. rakan

    3aash 9ager o3aaash bu9ager

    nabi barnamaj kamil hassena yen7a6 beTV 3an gulf run trip!

  10. XsuiL

    Im never gona sign up for the GR until i get my GTR ..
    my S2000 Tfashel :p

  11. Allah y7aftha o ysalma. He’s very cute.

    I’m thinking of bringing my kids to watch you guys. Is it possible to enter without having a participating car? My Audi is no match to the competition :)

  12. Bu Yousef:

    Of course, GulfRun6 is open for anyone to come and watch .. 7ayakum allah.

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