2011 Ducati DIAVEL & Video

The final images of the Ducati Diavel have been revealed, and its one hell of a beauty. It comes in two versions the Diavel and the Diavel Carbon, the Carbon having more carbon fiber pieces and Marchesini rims which makes it lighter then the base model. The Ducati Diavel is packing a 162hp Testastretta 11º engine, 94 lbs•ft of torque, 456lbs (carbon) / 463lbs (base), radial brakes, ABS, traction control, ride-by-wire, and three riding modes. Based on previous assumption I think the base will be going for 4800 KWD and the Carbon will be around 5700 KWD, that is also assuming where it fits in the Ducati line up but I could be wrong of course. They managed to get that cruiser handling with Ducati charactiristics even though it a 240mm wide rear tire. I think this is one beautiful looking machine from Ducati.

The Ducati Diavel Carbon comes in either “red carbon” or “black carbon”, referring to the color of the paint on the trellis frame. Both versions of the Diavel Carbon will have black forged Marchesini wheels, which shed 5.5lbs off the Ducati Diavel’s base mass. The Carbon will also get Marzocchi forks, whose low-friction diamond-like-coating adds even more blackout to the hotness. Both bikes will get the full Ducati electronics package, which includes Ducati Traction Control (DTC), anti-lock brakes (ABS), rider-by-wire throttle control, keyless ignition, and rider-selectable riding modes.

The tank-mounted TFT display shows bike information such as the current riding mode, gear selection, DTC settings, etc. The TFT display senses the ambient light and choses whether or not to invert the display coloring to aid in daytime/nighttime reading. When stationary the secondary display also handles tuning the traction control and ride-by-wirse settings.

Link: Autoblog

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  1. Holy kaww… this is sex right here. Dude anyway i can get a widescreen 1080px wallpaper?

  2. XsuiL

    Around 5700 MmmMmm Seems not bad for the Carbon , im planing on getting a bike soon its ether gona be a KTM RC8 or this .

  3. You know intialy when I heard of the Diavel I thought its gonna be similar to the Triumph Rocket but this machine looks meaner than a V-max and beefier than a Munch Mammut! :O

  4. Jimmy


    The Diavel is not compareable to the RC8 !! It is of a different class. Just get the coolest which at this time is the Diavel.

  5. This is a direct competitor to both the v-Max and the V-Rod, I personally like the Ducati lines much better, the bike is a 164HP v-Twin which is an amazing number for an 1200cc bike. Ducati did do it right and definitely a bike that appeals to me !

  6. XsuiL

    Jimmy i know , thats why its hard to pick between the 2 for me :p

  7. Aggressive ride
    I want one
    Can’t wait to put my dirty hand on this bike.
    Thanks for sharing Sir

  8. Thats a really great bike but since I think u own a Ducati do u think it will be available in Kuwait?

  9. JoJo


    I heard TriStar , the official Importer is already taking pre-orders for Feb production. January Production already sold out. I missed my chance to be the first owner !!

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