BAFI Payment


Usually when you go on trips with friends there was always someone covering someone, and at the end of the trip we figure out the balance. My friend, lets call him BAFI, was my room mate on a previous trip. So after all the details were discussed it amount to around 135 KD for the whole trip that he owed me, so I said he can pay me when we get back to Kuwait. He then proceeded to suggest that can pay me with a Amazon gift card instead if I was ok with that, I thought that was GENIUS! I’m always buying from Amazon, and I had another purchase in mind and that would drastically lessen the damage. I know that it is only in my head that I’m not spending more money on Amazon, but the travel expenses were already spent so to me this was a plus and made me get my purchase earlier then expected. Thank you Bafi!

(The Gift Card has already been used! lol)

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I hate amazon, its taking all my money :(

  2. Eskimo

    Free Food, Free Shisha, Good Conversation, Filipino Brother. Daag Daag Daag Daaag

  3. creative way to pay back!

  4. Jewaira

    Nice idea

  5. most of my birthday gifts are gifts cards from amazon…!

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