Recycling Electronics?


For the last few weeks I have been going through my stored items and electronics that I have sitting on my shelf for a while. Some of them are very useable and some I don’t think have any use at all for them. I really don’t like throwing electronics away, it feels like a complete waste when I know there is a use for them still but I don’t have a need for them. I usually cannibalize PCs so I always know what to do with the next part but with normal electronics they either sit on a shelf and gather dust or go inside my closet. Is there any place in Kuwait that genuinely recycles electronics? I would want to make sure that they go some where they really do recycle items or take care of them at least for other use. I have too many items over the past decade just sitting in the corner and I don’t use any more. I don’t have the heart to throw electronics away but I don’t want things piling up.

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  1. Miss Good Egg

    You could ask the people behind the REUSE project. They do annual recycling exhibitions where people bring scraps and design stuff with it for an Eco-friendly living. They must know of a way to dispose of these gadgets.

    Or you can ask The Green Target Company.

  2. I got stuff piling up in my closet, I still got my oldest PC since 1993…!

  3. Akbar

    If they are still working then you may have some interested buyers…
    Old PCs can be given to people who cant afford one, Our haris has an old IBM desktop etc.
    Old mobile phones can go to any moblie techs. who can use the spares, same with PCs.
    I had read once you could send working PCs and laptops to Africa. etc.

  4. Try googling for a local computer recycler and try to find one that prove they destroy your personal data. Most (like ours) are more geared up to commercial collections but again most will allow you to dropoff items free of charge.

  5. @Miss Good Egg – I contacted them! Lets hope they get back to me about it!

    @Kal – I have things piling up too!

    @Akbar – There are things that you can give away and certain things that really should just be recycled! What I have to give away, I have given away already!

    @Gaz Jr. – Thanks! I will check out Wataniya Telecom!

    @computer recycling – I haven’t really found much info online as to local companies that recycle! I think they might not be online yet!

  6. I do think there needs to a sustained emphasis on recycling, with clear cut procedures to be followed therein and these need to disseminated all around, for recycling to have any scope for success.

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