Crispy Cold


London is cold as usual, it ranges between 4 to 11 degrees depending the time of day and some times it rains. I love walking around in this weather. I think I’m averaging between 9 to 11 Kms a day of walking, some days I walk for hours and some days I walk because I can’t find a taxi to go home. A lot of people are going Christmas shopping crazy so you can’t find empty cabs, and I think its a little too early for Christmas shopping but its just amazing to walk. I carry my umbrella with me just in case it starts pouring but its still fun to walk around. After plugging in the local microsim into my iPad I carry it with me while walking around and I usually use my Android phone to look up directions, info, or movie times but when ever I make a stop I have my iPad just in case.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Cool, Have fun bro.
    We are having a “summerish” Eid over here :D

  2. Not a fan of walking in the London rain… But the crisp cold weather is a definite YES. Enjoy :)

  3. @N – Thanks! The weather I keep hearing is very nice in Kuwait!

    @Bu Yousef – I just love walking in London!

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