Mean Hamster!

It seems everything in Russia is tougher, even Hamster are tougher there. Now this is one no nonsense Hamster, it has three guys freaked out. He is literally attacking at any chance, and that one guy got bit, he probably needs a rabies shot. What I liked is at the end these guys turned out to be pretty nice and let the little guy go back in the field, even though they were a bit freaked out by him, I know I would head in the other direction if I saw this little guy.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. b

    Thats a Zombie Hamster

  2. lol funny :0
    عيدك مبارك وعساك من عواده

  3. they threw it in the field bcoz they’re tired of it!!!
    but why? why it’s upset?!
    and since when hamsters have black stomach?
    i didn’t find the clip funny! it’s weird and scary!
    nice find though

  4. Lol. Tough little cookie. I love his ‘boxer’ position. Something is a little odd…

  5. @b – Loooool!

    @bananaQ8 – Ayaamkum Sa3eedah! Thank you!

    @The M Code – Ayaamik Sa3eeda! Thank you!

    @vampire – hahahahaha! I think its a mutated hamster! A Mutant Hamster! lol!

    @Bu Yousef – Odd is an understatement but he has got guts! Thats for sure! looool

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