I’m amazed at the skill it takes to make these human castles, and they are made up of normal adults, old men, and young kids. Every two years, thousands gather in Tarragona, Spain for a challenge of strength and balance. The objective: build the tallest human castle possible, and it takes everything they have to make sure it goes high and they stay up. The collapses are as spectacular as the triumphs.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Santi

    This tradition was copied from the Mongols, the Mongols also made castles with Asian people but did not attempt to lift-the so tall. There are many Catalan traditions that are plagiarized from other countries, like the castles of people.

  2. Santi

    if you have noticed, the wind instruments that are heard, are inherited from when the Arabs living in Spain in the year 715-1492

  3. شكلهم يخرع واهما يطيحون

  4. WOW looks amazing but very hard to do yet it looks fun :) hope no one got hurt

    thanks for sharing

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