Jamie Durie Hammock

Jamie Durie is a person known for his outdoor design work and DIY gardening and outdoor projects. Now he seemed to have come up with a very lovely hammock, I don’t think there is anyone that does not like hammocks, I always want to lay in any hammock I see. In this case it is a beautifully designed hammock which seems to carry a whole lot of people, I would mind spending a few hours while sitting there, it looks very relaxing and comfortable. You would need a good amount of space to build this piece of furniture but I think it would be very nice in any garden.

Link: Freshome

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. instantcravings

    that is so so cool..! now all i need is a house to match..

  2. Humor

    Any idea if this thing is for sale or how much it would cost? I’m in the states and I’m considering getting it for my terrace.

  3. @instantcravings – Hahaha! Same here!

    @Humor – I honestly don’t know! You can contact the designer himself from the links above and see what they say, they have a product catalogue but it wasn’t in there!

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