UK Speeds

I’m impressed for about 12 KD per month we are getting close to 7 MB download speeds which isn’t too bad and the price is ridiculously cheap. The reason companies can give speeds like this is because they have decent infrastructure in the UK, but prices in Kuwait have dropped have dropped drastically over the years thanks to competition. Now the problem is that they don’t guarantee speeds so technically they can give you any speed for 400 KD per year ranging from 3 to 10 MB instead of the 150 KD for 6 MB but we are getting 7 MB at this price. It seems overall that upload speeds are still somewhat limited in all locations for consumers except data centers.


Now for the wireless it ranges from location to location but the 3 network is pretty stable with my constant use. I’m only using it for surfing and some minor downloads, I’m not downloading any torrents currently. 2.5 MB/s downloads isn’t too bad at all, its about the speeds we get in Kuwait, but I think some networks in Kuwait are a little faster. I get about 1 MB/s at home with the Vodafone but around 2 MB/s in other locations which isn’t bad.

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  1. Kuwaity

    You can download at this speed in Kuwait, but you have to use the fiberoptic network.
    Check this out

    They say it is up to 24Mbps but I got more than 60.

  2. @Kuwaity – Honestly GulfNet is pretty bad from my experience and they don’t care about customer service. If you have a good connection to your home you are better off with Kems or Fastelco at this point. Fastelco has improved drastically over the past few years! Qualitynet provides good service but their tech support is a bit lacking!

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