Photography Ban In Kuwait

KUWAIT: After the ban three ministries placed on photography, most Kuwaiti youth are a bit confused about what to do with their cameras if they can’t use them in public and why such laws were implemented in the first place. The Ministry of Information, Ministry of Social Affairs and Ministry of Finance recently came to the conclusion that photography should be used for journalism purposes only. This has resulted in the ban of Digital Single Lens Reflex Cameras (DSLRs) in public, on the streets and in malls

Shock and disappointment are the only two words that can describe how I feel when I read the title. A lot of countries have problems in the Middle East and our problems in Kuwait are piling up, but I always have hope, that things will get better that there will be a point for things to turn around. At this point I don’t think we can he any lower, we have hit rock bottom when three Ministries who have nothing to do with each other can decide to just Ban Photography of all kinds. And this is assuming that the law is enacted already, I hope it is not and still there is a chance to have it repelled. I always thought that Kuwait always had something to look forward to, to move ahead, even when we haven’t any major projects for the past decade, the nonstop cases of corruption and nobody getting prosecuted. The one thing I thought we had and that I am proud of is our Civil Liberties, and we pride ourselves with it. When Saudi Arabia is on an uphill battle trying to improve people’s lives and gain more freedom we are heading in the opposite direction. I always wondered what the thought was behind UAE blocking Flickr but now we have surpassed both Emirates and Saudi with the most idiotic law possible. Banning it in public places, in streets, and in malls, doesn’t this law sound illegal to anyone, and malls are private entities so it is illegal for such a law to affect them in this way. So what is the punishment for breaking this law? Getting thrown in jail? I honestly won’t be stopping my photography missions in Kuwait anytime soon. If you are against then please make your voice heard!

Link: KuwaitTimes

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  1. M!

    Im not going to stop taking pictures and let them try to take my camera!

    Kuwait already has a law that bans Munaqabat from driving and they dont enforce that law and this is something that can lead to accidents and death. i have had several incidents myself… they think that there is no body driving to the left and right of them because they cant see!!!!

    If this rule is taken seriously by law enforcement officers then we all know whos pulling the stings here (Extremists)

  2. If it’s true… I don’t see it being enforced.

    I hate the fact that I’m already self-conscious when I carry my camera in Kuwait, this will only make it a little more uncomfortable; It will not, however, stop me from doing it.

  3. LOL is all I can say :D

    I will not stop taking photos its the only thing I really love doing :)

    thanks for the post

  4. T

    I agree with M!. There are so many laws in place that people still don’t abide. The difference is that I don’t feel they can do much with the munaqabat (for exmaple) because they use the excuse that its part of culture/religion. I fear that in the same way, they’ll use that as support for banning DSLRs.

    People should keep taking pictures if they wish to do so; and speaking in a more extreme tone, if things get worse there should be a protest. We’re too quiet lately, and we should stand up for things we believe in.

  5. ممنوع كل شي ممنوع حتي البوست مالك ممنوع

  6. it wont be enforced like the other million law which isn’t enforced.

  7. looooool this must be a joke! this just motivates me more to take out my camera and go hunting for pictures ;)

    Seriously this country is getting F***ing worse year after year! i swear i’m really worried about our future let alone our children’s!

  8. It doesn’t make much difference for me since I already have to act like a ninja when taking photos here. :P
    But for a whole lot of talented people in Kuwait this is very bad news.

  9. jk

    Long live primitivism.
    cheer up guys, we are stepping to stone age.

  10. @M! – Agreed! The extremists are pushing some of the rules and its pissing me off! They removed the rule about the munaqabaat and your right, they are dangerous to drive!

    @Bu Yousef – Same here! Taking photos isn’t easy but with this law its just insane, I won’t stop and probably take more now!

    @FoToHoLiC SpiRiT – Any time! Keep taking pics!

    @T – If I feel that my civil liberties are being invaded! I will start with the protest! These guys are pissing me off!

    @vampire – Seems its for real!

    @brownsuger – These rules are getting ridiculous!

    @Abdulsalam – It should be removed! Not even in the rule books! Now a cop will try to arrest you if you take a photo of him!

    @NE – Exactly! What the hell is going to happen in the future! What about our kids!

    @Mathai – Very bad news for anyone with a camera! I’m just going to take more pictures and bring out bigger lenses!

    @jk – We have passed the stone age a while back!

  11. i hope this not true because i just bought new DSLR from USA and i will be back to Kuwait in few weeks ,it cost me a lot .

    if it is true get read because next band will be cars and then we will back to camels , you should start looking for your camel now , just in case you needed one .

    if you need to be in contact with camel source, i will help you .

    camels here we come .


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  13. jk

    This is what politics is.
    Finally newspaper themselves bear the blame.
    {glad to see ministry corrected their mistake}
    we need more courageous media people like Mohammed al-Jassem.

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