Moleskine HQ-2

Offices of Moleskine is always worth visiting, and this time around WhereWeDesign have taken a look of their offices. I’m not sure of which office this is but its just as nice as the Moleskine Italy HQ from my previous post. I would want to grab and use all those notepads on those shelves, I love that certain colors mean certain things, I got used to their labeling. I wonder what other ideas they have in the works, I just recently placed an order Moleskine Folio Cover for the iPad, but its out of stock but hopefully I will get it as they restock. Moleskines you can never have enough of them.

Link: WhereWeDesign

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  1. I can’t wait to get my hands on the moleskine folio cover for the iPad. If you get it before me please review it for us ;)

  2. @Oleana – I will make sure to write a review about it! I’m hoping its quality is just as high the ones for their notebooks!

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